It’s All Okay


27197545039_f95672ac02_b.jpgIt’s okay to not have your entire life figured out at this moment; live each moment with gratitude and humility and accept the gifts from the universe. It’s okay to not be certain about everything and everyone in your life; some things happen for reasons, some for seasons and some last a lifetime.

It’s okay to end relationships you no longer want and start new ones; be brave enough to do it, unapologetically.  It’s okay to let people know you’re not as fine as you seem without pretending; they want to help but first, you must allow them to. It’s okay to listen, to think, to ask and to feel; it’s a part of being human and there is strength in vulnerability.

It’s okay to have big dreams and pursue them passionately; everything starts with an idea. No dream is too big and you are capable of achieving everything. It’s okay to say no and mean it; say it when you need to. It is better to save yourself than pleasing someone at your expense. Importantly, It’s okay to put yourself first without explaining or apologizing; you are not here to please everyone.

I’ve learned that life has a way of charting its course regardless of how much we fight to be in control and stay in control or how certain we try to be. The truth is that people’s words or actions can never assure us of ‘certainty’, that’s just the way it is. People we love never want to disappoint us and sometimes this means telling us what we want to hear and not necessarily how things in fact are. That’s another obstacle to certainty, almost a false hope.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions but it is imperative to understand that just like us, others do not always have the answers. We will probably never be able to explain why we do what we do or feel how we feel. Most of us are learning ourselves and life simultaneously, be kind and compassionate always.

In spite of this, it’s all okay. In the end, it will be all okay.

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