Let Go & Grow

A few months ago I severed my relationship with someone whom I shared the very high and low points in my life. It was one of those things we know has to be done but keep postponing. Eventually, I could no longer postpone it.

We had so many plans for conquering the world together. We had ‘liked’ or ‘loved’ each other. Regardless, it was what was most important. Years later, we have grown irreversibly distant. In fact, I was perhaps the only person who couldn’t see how toxic our relationship had become.

I wanted to prove the majority wrong. In the end, I discovered that I was the one was wrong all along. My realization is not that we no longer love or care for each other but that our views of life are through two different lens and the things we want no longer align.

I crave so much more and I am willing to search for the love I feel deserving of.  I have learned too that time indubitably plays a significant role in our own revelations and our experiences are our best teacher.

I take this opportunity; hoping that one day my words will find you; to thank you for allowing me to share in your journey and for always being there for me the best way you knew how to.

Now, I am letting go.

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