Just Before The Finish Line


I was filled with the energy most star athletes begin their races with.
Determination. Perseverance.Will.

I knew what I wanted, I knew how to get there and I was going. Indomitable. Fearless. Focused.

But I gave up. I gave just before crossing the finish line. I hadn’t fallen, I must admit.I stopped. I no longer had the will to persevere.

I continuously writhed with my own insecurities and adversities and I made sure no one saw. I wore faces like dresses; a different one for each occasion.

But if I’d only had the will to cross the line; if I’d only.

Today I look at the photographs of the athletes who received their medals and remind myself that this is the price for will.

I say to whoever is running a race, “Whatever your source; do not let it die. Have enough will to cross the finish line.”

As for me, I will cross the finish line another year.