For our Junita on her Graduation.


Our Dearest Junita,

Today as you graduate from High School we want you to know; in the very least; we are all immensely proud of you. Undoubtedly, you have had a fair share of unfavourable circumstances which at times may have seemed unconquerable but amidst it all, you have remained focused on your goal and today you are celebrating your hard work. Congratulations!

As you continue to reach for greater heights, we wish you the blessings of God Almighty. Always trust in God, believe in yourself and be kind to others. When life gets tough; as we know it will, please remember that you are tougher and whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve.  For those of us who are unable to be present at your graduation today, we are shouting our praises to God for his unwavering mercies. Surely, it is he who has kept you and has brought you this far.

Today, take every step gracefully as you so deserve.

We love you, always.


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