Some Guyanese does behave like coins is nah money


I doan know if some people fuhget or is a case that they never know coins is a part of we legal tenders but some of them does behave like is not money. I aint playing dem games. When I know coins had real value was when I had more than $10,000 in coins just sitting in a tin. Since then, coins doan lapse in we house, is coin tin tek one! But some of them too big in they style fa collect coins.

This morning I decide to use money from my coin jar fa pay fa transportation. On di first leg, I paid the driver using ten dollars coins and went along my way quite merrily, but it wasn’t the same story wid the next one.

When I made my final stop, I gave the conductor a fifty, two twenty dollars notes and a $10 coin. He tek the notes from me and tell me “keep duh”, referring to my coin, so I asked “why?”. He gun tell me that he bus “doan collect duh”. Well I ask him to collect them and save them for me. He said, “no, you could keep them when you collect them”; he didn’t even have to say that twice. Is because I does keep them that I could dash them pon he. Anyway, I put my lovely coin back into my purse, do di signature sweet girl spin and gone me way.

When I reflect pon what really play out, I realize that I saved a quick ten dollars and he money short all because of he ignorance. Look, me aint complaining cause all now I paying with coins for the rest of di week and I would be so happy if all them behave like he.

A tale told in good ole Guyanese creole.