Happy International Women’s Day!



As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 under the theme #BalanceForBetter, I dedicate this post to my younger self and every girl who is blossoming into a woman.

Discovering the changes that occur as we become women can be shocking. It’s developing breasts, seeing pubic hairs appear out of nowhere, having your first menstrual cycle or hearing family members say you’re getting big; to name a few.

For girls who haven’t yet been taught that these things, and more, will happen at some point, this can be a period of self-consciousness laced with misconceptions. When I got my period, although I knew what it meant I was scared to tell my mother. I told my younger sister who thought I was pregnant and threatened to tell our mother.

Then, I discovered my first pubic hair. THAT WAS A SHOCKER. Imagine going to the restroom and discovering hair growing from your vagina. I was so embarrassed that I got a pair of scissors and cut it off. Reflecting, I was only excited to be able to wear a bra.

Today, I celebrate learning that babies do not come in aeroplanes, sex is not “big people story”, my curiosity doesn’t make me force-ripe and that I can be seen and heard. More than this, I pledge to share information that will empower young girls to blossom into strong, confident women. Women that will lead, teach and inspire!

Happy International Women’s Day 2019!

5 Tips For Dating In 2019


My colleague and I are playing match-makers for another colleague who hasn’t dated in a few years.  In Guyana, where we aren’t too trusting of e-love, we’re having some challenges finding her a suitable candidate.

So, I’m sharing some lessons I learned, for my colleague and anyone who is thinking of dating this year.


1. Don’t date if you don’t want to. Periodt.

Dating is not a prerequisite for anything, and it certainly isn’t mandatory. Women especially, feel pressure to date because their ‘biological clock is ticking’. Being single and happy is much more important than being miserable in a relationship.

 2. Set your own Relationship Goals.

Like personal goals, relationship goals must be tailored to each person. Set goals that are SMART and not simply those that are cute or trending on social media. One of my relationship goals is to travel somewhere new every year with my partner.

3.  Know what you want

Know what you hope to achieve by dating and specifically, what qualities you are looking for in the other person. You may not be certain of everything but having an idea of some things helps a lot. Listen, people got things to do so don’t be out here wasting nobody’s time.

4. Do not compromise your values

We all have values and beliefs that we hold very dear. Sometimes though, without giving much thought, we compromise our values to accommodate people. Once this starts happening, you are in the wrong place.


5. “Doan leh nobody tek you fi idiot”

Never allow yourself to be taken advantage of in any way. Set boundaries, even if it’s just in your mind. Unless of course, that’s what you want. In that case, who am I to withhold you from living your best life.

I hope you find these tips useful. If you’re dating already, leave one of your tips below.