Protect Your Peace


A few years ago, I went into a café to breathe. It was a long day and I felt completely drained. As I ate, a gentleman asked to share the table with me, which I agreed to. A few minutes in, he started to relate his troubles to me. I stopped him and said, “Sir, I came here to breathe. I’m not having a good day and I really can’t take in any more. I’m sorry”. I think he got up and left. For a long time after, I thought of that man and what happened to him. I felt a sense of guilt for not listening to him but on that day, I was filled with my own woes.

Now, the more time I spend discovering myself I realize how important it is to protect my peace. I am becoming more selective about my time, relationships and whatever I give my energy to because I can’t give my energy to everything that happens around me. As many times as I try to, some days it is necessary to take time off to breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Often, it’s a few minutes away from my desk or putting my headphones on and disconnecting from everything else. Some days, it’s waking up before everyone else and mediating. Other days, it’s simply saying, “Sorry, I am filled”.

That day in the café, I was filled with disappointment and a full share of problems while empty of positivity, hope and most of all, my peace. Perhaps, that stranger was too. Where ever he is, I do hope he has made peace with himself and all that had happened. For me, I am learning to do the same every day. Don’t let life’s busyness and chaos make you miserable and unhappy. Guard what you consume, or it will consume you. When you discover what gives you peace, feed your soul. Do it deliberately and unapologetically!

11 thoughts on “Protect Your Peace

  1. I always find it hard to say ‘no’ to people…I feel obligated to keep helping others even if it is to my detriment. This piece gave me some food for taught. Lovely written Daniella.

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    1. I understand and I know that’s exactly who you are. You cant pour from an empty cup though and sometimes you really have to just guard your peace.


  2. I was told that I put the people I care about before me. To an extent, I did and that only backfired when I hadn’t enough left in me to carry on. Lesson learned. Now I try to take care of me first so that I’m equipped to help others. Like you, I’m still dealing with this sense of guilt that comes with it. It takes time. I loved this. I think anyone who is actively trying to better themselves will share your sentiments. Keep on writing.

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    1. Thanks Alexis! I’m glad you can relate. A quote that resonated with me was ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. That’s really true especially when there are people depending on you.

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  3. That was well done sis. I just realised that I really need to get myself together. I have to get some me time. Some time to just breeeeathe.😊

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    1. Absolutely! I know it can seem a bit selfish at times but it’s really necessary. Thanks so much for reading.


  4. It’s admirable that you recognize the fact that you should first take care of you before you can give to others.
    No need to feel guilty as it’s very important that you exhale when the need arises.
    I can definitely relate and hope you continue to take a step back to assert yourself before reaching out.
    Just breathe my dear🤝

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  5. This is so true! Great words of advice. I would have listened to his problem because you never know the role that person could have played in your life. He was obviously drawn to you for a reason.


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