More Faith Than Fear

DO THE THING! The thing you said you were going to do at the beginning of the year but haven’t started. The thing you’ve been thinking of doing but somehow a myriad of doubt overpowers your belief that you are capable of succeeding. The thing that you were in the process of taking action to achieve but found unreasonable excuses to discontinue. The thing you’ve thought of and thought yourself out of yet can’t stop thinking about.

We have all, at one time or another, been at a place where the only thing stopping us is our fear. We do nothing because of the possibility of failing yet if we knew that there was no possibility of failing, we would dare greatly. The Latin phrase Cogito, ergo sum; translates to “I think, therefore I am”. Too often, we are afraid only because we think we are. That is the power of our thoughts and the reason why some of our greatest ambitions, ideas, and dreams are never realized.

Krystal Tomlinson, author of Kill Fear Now: The Art of Courageous Living reminds us that it is our perception of things, not things themselves, which make us fearful. “It’s not enough to be pregnant with possibilities. At some point, passions and plans must exit the womb of planning and hit the dirt”. Too many of us, myself included, have been pregnant with possibilities for too long. Too many possibilities never leave our womb of planning because we are too afraid. It is time to give birth.

Today, let us commit to stepping out with more faith than fear. Let us commit to letting go of what is and trusting what is yet to come. Let us commit to letting our passions and plans exit our womb of planning and hitting the dirt. We cannot continue to play small in this great universe. We cannot continue to cautiously spend our lives wishfully thinking that one day we will be courageous enough. We can, however, take action to dare greatly. That thing, the same thing you thought of while you read this post, do it!

Learning. Being. Becoming


Published by Daniella Chase

I am in the process of learning, being and becoming. In the meantime, I am Daniella-Enough!

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