Bet On Yourself

The stakes are high and you are worth it. The truth is, you have always been worth it. Even at times when you doubted your worth, you didn't lose it. Too often, we underestimate ourselves and overestimate our circumstances. I have done it, time and time again. I have seen how availability trumps ability and … Continue reading Bet On Yourself

The Disguise That Didn’t Work On Limpy

If you live on the East Coast of Demerara, traverse frequently or commute using the route 44 minibuses then I am certain you know who Limpy is. You may have very well crossed paths with him as well because that's just how Limpy is. Over time, I assumed his name came about from the limp … Continue reading The Disguise That Didn’t Work On Limpy

God Came Through Again!

I don't know if you believe there is a God but I do. I have seen his works too many times to deny his existence. Only a few hours ago my friend & I were on the phone and as per normal, our conversation progressed from one story to another until we were both sharing … Continue reading God Came Through Again!

Nothing Is Waiting For You

Today's post is a light read like food for thought. Not a sermon according to my brother but about the way that nothing is waiting for us. We're already in the final quarter of twenty nineteen. Some persons are asking, "When and how did this happen?". For many good or bad reasons, others are happy this … Continue reading Nothing Is Waiting For You

What My Sixteen Years Old Self Thought

At sixteen years old, my ideal age for being married was twenty-three. According to my calculations, by twenty-three I would have completed sufficient academic studies, secured a good job, my home, and found 'the love of my life'. I vividly remember sitting in our classroom during the free periods and conversing intently with my colleagues; … Continue reading What My Sixteen Years Old Self Thought