Nothing Is Waiting For You

Today’s post is a light read like food for thought. Not a sermon according to my brother but about the way that nothing is waiting for us. We’re already in the final quarter of twenty nineteen. Some persons are asking, “When and how did this happen?”. For many good or bad reasons, others are happy this year is almost over. This is also the time when many persons exclaim, “This year has finished fast!” because nothing is waiting for us. Did every day not have twenty-four hours, every month unfold in the order we know it to be and having their usual number of days?

It did. 

As I write, quite a few deadlines of mine are quickly approaching. That doesn’t mean I’m going to discontinue binge-watching Queen of the South. In my defence, why didn’t someone put me onto it earlier? Still, those approaching deadlines will… well, approach. Then they will pass whether or not I do the work. The consequences make for another story but Queen of the South is really good. I’m going to be finished soon so I also need some recommendations. Again, nothing is waiting for us.

Time, as the adage tells us, waits on no one. Whether we show up and give our best or not. Whether we are participants or spectators in our lives. Time is fleeting. Unlike many of us who are waiting to do things when the ‘time is right’, time does her thing, regardless. Time never asks us if we are ready because that is our job; to be ready to seize opportunities when the time comes. The rest of this year will happen, whether we welcome it or not and so will the next year. However, what we do with the time we have is largely up to us. Nothing is waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for? 

Learning. Being. Becoming


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Published by Daniella Chase

I am in the process of learning, being and becoming. In the meantime, I am Daniella-Enough!

3 thoughts on “Nothing Is Waiting For You

  1. Love this and it’s a timely reminder for me as well. I too have deadlines and bunge watching Queen of the South (see why we’re twins?😂😂😂😂). I’ll WhatsApp you some good shows AFTER you complete your deadlines lol. Keep it up babe 💜


  2. As I read this I kept hearing my grandma, God rest her soul, “Time and Tide waits for no man”. This helped me to reflect on my own deadlines, light but deep. Maybe you should check out Grey’s Anatomy or Peaky Blinders.


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