God Came Through Again!

I don’t know if you believe there is a God but I do. I have seen his works too many times to deny his existence. Only a few hours ago my friend & I were on the phone and as per normal, our conversation progressed from one story to another until we were both sharing our testimonies of how God came through again. Have you ever had one of those moments when you said, “God, I know that was you! You came through for me again!”?. Well, I’ve had many of those moments. More than I remember and all for which I’m grateful. Let me tell you about one of those moments.

I was attending Primary School and my grandmother gave me $15,000 to pay a bill (seemed like 15 million). The first afternoon, I forgot to pay the bill but it was the foundation for my lie in the days ahead. When the next day came and I was ready to pay the bill the money was no longer in my backpack. g-o-n-e-! Besides the immediate panic attack, two afternoons after I kept telling granny that the place was closed by the time I got there while praying she wouldn’t ask me for the money and it would miraculously reappear. The latter did not happen but let me tell you how God came through… again!

On the fourth day, we made our regular snack stop and the proprietor of the shop had a brilliant game idea. If any of us could snap the crisp thousand dollars bill he held using only our thumb and index finger, it was ours. I missed it on the first try but the desperation in me to recover the missing cash wouldn’t let me miss it again. Alas, the thousand was mine! It was only one less million- I mean thousand dollars– to replace but it eased my burden. That day, I determined I was not going home without that money. Oh la la, I cried to every adult that saw me. Yes, bitter crocodile tears.

Truthfully, I hoped they’d give me the money. All of them, particularly Mrs Burnette, told me I should go home and tell my Grand-mother the truth. Lady! Big Woman! The what?! Me?! Tell Granny I lost her money?! My Grandmother, Claudette Benn, would let me know that money did not grow on a tree along with a ‘good cut ass’. I tearfully told Mrs. Burnette right there and then, I was not going home without the money. Did she give me? Rolling my eyes Nope! Nevertheless, let me tell you how God came through…again!

One of my closest and the least suspecting friend told me she had the amount of money I needed and would give it to me. Ahhhh! Don’t let me talk about the speed arriving at her home to collect it. It was 180 mph on the straight and 170 mph on the turns with my motorcycle foot-a-cycle. When I got the money I knew I could go home and face my grandmother. Again, I told the same unbelieving lie to her. “The place was closed by the time I got there”. Don’t ask about her fury but bet and believe that the bill was paid- in full, the next day.

More than eleven years have passed since that bill was paid. Yet, every. single. time. every. single. day, God comes through! Many times, I doubted the positive outcomes of situations. I worried because I saw and understood things only as they were before me. Yet, despite all the circumstances God came through. The best part is that what God does for me isn’t any less or different than what he does for you. For all of us, bet and believe that God always comes through!

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. –Hebrews 11:1 King James Version (KJV)


Learning. Being. Becoming


Published by Daniella Chase

I am in the process of learning, being and becoming. In the meantime, I am Daniella-Enough!

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