How The Offering Was Reinvested

As children, we could not be absent from a Sunday School Service. We were awakened by our Grandmother at an appropriate time to accommodate breakfast, lagging children-like preparation, distribution of each child’s offering and our fifteen-or-so minutes’ walk. The most difficult parts of being ready were detangling our hair if we hadn’t done so the day prior and finding a pair of ‘church socks’- the special kind with the lace and fold- which we somehow always managed to misplace. Having three girls meant the first girl who got access to the socks bag was the likeliest to find a pair leaving the other two girls to search high and low to find theirs.

Our favourite part of getting ready was walking to Sunday School. We walked at our own pace with the absence of our grandmother’s quarrel. Have you ever heard my grandmother in action? She could really quarrel for hours on end. My grandmother is also an avid reader of my blogs so I know she will see this and smile because it’s true. I don’t remember what we talked about on these walks. What I do remember is that there was always one of us who didn’t carry water and wanted someone who did to share with them. Later, I will ask my older brother Otis, whose gift is remembering things that occurred since he was born (mild exaggeration).

Let me tell you though how David taught us to proverbially kill two birds with one stone. Every time, we each received forty dollars for the offering. If our grandmother could afford it, we got another twenty dollars to buy snacks but this was not as guaranteed as the offering. During the service, when the offering plate had come around David was the last to place his. After the service, he still had twenty dollars while we hadn’t any. Abominable! How dare David in his disobedience and sheer cunningness not place his entire offering? We were sure going to tell our grandmother about this; especially since he stopped to purchase snacks on our way home and we didn’t have any money to purchase for ourselves.

When we arrived home, we made sure David got the scolding he deserved for what he had done – mostly out of jealousy. However, what we didn’t tell our Grandmother was what happened every Sunday that followed. You see, the day David gave twenty dollars as an offering and the other twenty dollars to purchase snacks, was the day we learnt to kill two birds with one stone, as well. Since that day, the forty dollars we each received from our grandmother for the offering was reinvested. It was a win for us and a win for the lady at the shop, too. Twenty dollars for the offering and twenty dollars for snacks was guaranteed!

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Published by Daniella Chase

I am in the process of learning, being and becoming. In the meantime, I am Daniella-Enough!

One thought on “How The Offering Was Reinvested

  1. We talked about all kinds of things, really. Some things that we probably shouldn’t have, I am sure. I think once I lifted up Carol’s dress and got into trouble. Other times, we would stop next to Tr. Sharon to raid Mrs Louis’s jamoon tree. And, it did cost me a cut-ass once for staining my brand new timberland boot on the first wear. I think you all got into trouble for trying to duck through the barbed wire fences and tearing your dresses too often. Then, walking the way around seemed like a mile. My mouth now waters for Ms Pasty’s plantain chips and Ms Dora’s mitai.


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