Too many of us are unhappy with our lives. Also, too many of us are doing nothing to change the parts of our lives that we’re unhappy with. We are unhappy but we are comfortable so we rebuke change. We do nothing because it’s easier than doing something. Our jobs have become repetitive, stifling and it’s the last place we want to be but it pays the bills and we’re already there. It would take more of us to assess what we want, update our resumes, apply for new jobs, go to interviews and try leaving than it would to stay, complain and become bitter. Do you see where I’m coming from? Doing nothing is always easier than doing something and that’s why so many of us are doing it.

We have no financial plan, no savings, no emergency fund and our money disappear like magic. We are in a paycheque to paycheque cycle and ideally, this is not where we want to be. It would take assessing our finances, planning, budgeting and becoming smarter about money management to get from where we are to where we want to be. Sounds easy enough but what do most of us do? Complain that the money we earn is insufficient. Yet, when we receive an increase or incentive the money still disappears the same way and we continue to complain until the next increase or incentive. Do you see where I’m coming from? It isn’t the amount of money we earn but the way we manage the amount of money we earn.

Oh no, let’s not get into health and well-being. We’re practising unhealthy eating habits so we’ve gained a few or too many pounds. We’re standing in front of the mirror or squeezing into our clothing and we know we need to stop. Do we stop though? Hardly. Most times, we continue the same unhealthy practices and chuckle every time someone tells us that we’ve gained a lot of weight. Which is none of their business anyway but we’ve acknowledged this and plan to go to the gym next month, or next year, or never! Oh well, that’s that. It would take new eating habits, the discipline to exercise regularly and a change to our routine. Did you just roll your eyes because I said the dreaded c-word? Change.

Changing our lives begin with changing our thoughts. We’re not going to change all of the parts of our life we’re unhappy about in a day. We do get to change it one thought at a time though. I only know this because I was once a bitter employee, living in a paycheque to paycheque cycle, gaining weight and complaining. I was too comfortable to leave my job. I was ashamed about my relationship with money because I knew how to earn but I was always dipping into my savings and multiplying money was not something I learned yet. I was pretending to be too busy to exercise because that’s what I thought. Lots of trials and errors and absolutely changing my thoughts have changed my life.

If you are going to change your life, you’re going to have to change your thoughts. There is no secret to changing your life, but this is one principle. The thoughts you hold are holding you back. These thoughts cannot take you nor can you take them where you need to be. It is not important what others think of us. What is important is how much of what we believe is true about ourselves. Often, we are our greatest critic. Today, consider the thoughts you currently hold about yourself; personally and professionally, your finances, your health; mental, physical and emotional well-being, all your thoughts.

Now, Write them down so they become clearer. Are your thoughts positive? Do your thoughts reflect the life you are trying to create? If not, what new thoughts will you create? Right there on the paper, cancel with a scratch the thoughts you want to change and replace them with thoughts you want to change your life.

Change your thoughts, change your life!

Learning. Being. Becoming,


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