Marianne Williamson’s book A Year of Miracles, speaks of the ancient Asian philosophy which believes that life isn’t a circle but a spiral. Every lesson that has ever been presented to us (which means everything we have ever been through), will come back again, in some form, until we learnt it. And the stakes each time will be higher. Perhaps, this thought resonated with me in the way it did because I knew I’d been failing some of my lessons and the consequences were a high price to pay.

Twenty nineteen has been filled with many lessons. One of the best lessons I’ve come to learn is that we can’t ignore the messages the universe sends us; not for too long. The messages become loud, constant and clear. Like the spiral, the message comes until we learn to listen. Sometimes, it shakes us and awakens us and we’re staring, eyes wide open, unable to ignore it as it propels us to our calling, purpose, destiny. Sometimes we’re unable to sleep because it keeps us awake, staring at the ceiling, having that brutally honest moment with ourselves. Oh, I’ve been there too many times!

Wherever you are right now, whether you’re on top of your world or quite the opposite; it is a good time to mentally remove yourself from the noise and listen to the messages of the universe. In your disposition, discomfort, fear or anxiety, there are many lessons to be learnt. Ask yourself, and maybe out loud to the universe like me, what is the lesson for you to learn? When you do, comment below what are some of the messages the universe has been sending you and if you’ve been listening.

I knew very little and so much at the same time when I wrote this simple note in my journal on June 6, 2019, ‘I can’t ignore the messages the universe is sending me. They’re so loud, constant and clear’. If there was only one thing I was sure of, it was that there was more to my life than just existing. Two weeks later, I submitted my resignation letter and the rest as they say, is history. Remember, you can’t ignore the messages the universe is sending. They are loud, constant, clear!

Learning. Being. Becoming,

One thought on “You Can’t Ignore The Messages The Universe Is Sending

  1. I think that this is a truth that cannot be repeated enough. As you know, 2019 has similarly been a year of many changes, and novel experiences for me. And, perhaps admittedly, the only reason why it took this long is that I had failed to listen carefully enough to what the universe was screaming at me. In 2019, I had no choice but to listen and to embrace, and it was really the best thing that I could have possibly done for myself. At the moment, I’m not facing any life-changing situations, but moving forward I will definitely try to embrace whatever experience it is that the universe sends to teach me a lesson. I’ll will always try to remind myself that when things become tough, the only L that life is giving you is a lesson; it’s never a loss. xoxo


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