I’ve been receiving so many questions about my trip to Colombia and true to promise, I will share all the details with you. However, in an attempt to not overload you with information, I will do so in a series of weekly posts.

Airfare How much dinero do you need to travel to Colombia?! The cost of your ticket is dependent on a few things; How soon do you plan to travel? What time of the year? etc. There are popular websites that are very useful for monitoring ticket prices. My preference is Skyscanner because I found it to be the simplest and their email notifications keep me in the loop. I do not buy tickets through these websites. You can contact a travel agent or buy directñy from the airline. The average ticket price is approximately USD$800 to $1,200. Proper planning will definitely help you get the better bargain!

Visa Requirement As is the case with most South American countries, there is no Visa Requirement for Guyanese travelling to Colombia for Tourism. There is a 90 days stay issued upon entry with a maximum stay of 180 days per year. I´ve downloaded the Travel visa Checker app that you may find useful for knowing if there´s a visa requirement for your planned destination. Plan a trip to one of these countries, it´s easier than ´Merica´!

Accommodation The cost for your trip including accommodation significantly depends on your budget and what you are willing to be flexible about; if anything at all. While I was in Bogota I stayed at a hostel for $28,000 Colombian Pesos (USD $9 avg.) per night which included a decent, delicious breakfast. The place was very clean, comfortable and quiet as they weren´t many guests at the time. There are other options for hostels with more facilities, hotels, Airbnb, etc. How boujee do you plan on being?

In a subsequent post, I will share what platform I´m using to travel, what I´m doing here and an update on all things Colombia, like the way I´m taking photos of the menu when I go to the restaurant, translate it then order.

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