So much love in the air I can’t deny that I wish I was looking forward to Valentine’s Day with my family. I love the mysterious or unexpected bouquet deliveries, chocolates, cupcakes, wine and everything else. I’m here for all the mushiness Valentine’s Day brings.

However, I’m here in Colombia and I’m not looking forward to getting any bouquet deliveries, chocolates, cupcakes or wine. I haven’t given my address to anyone who would possibly surprise me and it’s very unlikely that those who have my address are going to. This is also not applicable to the person I promised to share it with a few weeks ago and haven’t. Talk about blocking your blessings!

This is my first Valentine’s Day away from home. Wait, I’m lying! This isn’t my first Valentine’s Day away from home. I was going to tell you how I’ve been having a lot of first of’s lately but I’ve done this before and I’m doing it again! The hardest part of first if’s, however, has been resisting the temptation to return to all things familiar- home.

My Valentine’s Day plans include showering myself with all the love I am capable of. Yes, some love for yourself on Valentine’s Day because how often we’re busy showering others with love while denying ourselves all that we deserve? Too often!

If you haven’t made plans as yet perhaps it’s a good time to consider being the recipient of your love. If you’ve already made plans to share your love with someone, I hope your heart overflows from their reciprocity.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Love! ♥

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