Dearest Daniella, I’m Proud Of You.


My Dearest Daniella,

With your face to the sun and dreams bigger than your smile. Five years that feels like yesterday and many moons ago at the same time. That independent, smart and brave eighteen year old girl determined to change her generation’s pattern and discover herself.

As I reflect and tears roll down my face, I want you to know I am proud of the woman you have become; you’ve earned it. There was no way of knowing where the trajectory of your life would take you but ultimately it has brought you here to this divine moment. Don’t stop writing your story.

Pen the details of the power of letting go, the grit of persevering and the freedom of forgiveness. Pen the lessons of love, failure and growth. Pen your journey of learning, being and becoming Daniella- Enough.

With love, yourself. ❤

What would you say in your note to yourself?

Greater Than Fear And Failure.


Last week´s blog post was a reminder that failure is just a checkpoint in our journey, not our destination. Often, it is the idea of failure- not failure itself- that terrifies us to our core and strips us of the courage to act. If we thought there was no possibility of failing, we would dream bigger, work harder and stay consistent. Except, there is a great possibility that we will and so we play it safe or simply don´t play at all.

During our lesson today, one of my students shared his dream of traveling to Europe. His eyes lit up as he spoke of all he imagined his trip would be and his long list of places he’d love to visit. Then, he shared his terror of getting on an aeroplane to start his journey. The only thing that stands between him and the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum and the Palace of Versailles is often the same thing that stands between us and the life we desire- not the lack of any resource but the lack of courage.

As I listened to him, he reminded me of myself not so long ago – a girl with fear as big as her dreams. In the beginning, I feared failing and when I failed, I feared the humiliation of accepting failure as a part of my reality. What I know now that I didn´t know eight month ago, was that my attitude couldn´t take me where I wanted to be- where I needed to be. My life has not always unfolded the way I imagined but I have faith that it unfolds the way it should and when fear steps in or failure occurs, I am reassured by the fact that neither fear nor failure is greater than I.

Do the things you want to do, live the dreams that haunt you and when fear steps in or failure occurs, know that neither are greater than you!