All Things Colombia: Travel Platform & Volunteering

Before March 2018, Workaway was an unheard-of opportunity to me. In many regards, too, I held the belief that I´d only be able to travel when I become wealthy. After all, travelling does cost an arm and a leg or so I thought until Workaway became an option. I´d been scrolling through Instagram when I … Continue reading All Things Colombia: Travel Platform & Volunteering

In The Deep End

My South America Adventure has begun. Alas, Estoy en Colombia! It is absolutely beautiful, entirely decorated with art and the people are undeniably hospitable. I promise to share every bit of everything with you; including how little Spanish I know and how it serves me. Since arriving I have been in the company of Zakiya, … Continue reading In The Deep End

How The Offering Was Reinvested

As children, we could not be absent from a Sunday School Service. We were awakened by our Grandmother at an appropriate time to accommodate breakfast, lagging children-like preparation, distribution of each child's offering and our fifteen-or-so minutes' walk. The most difficult parts of being ready were detangling our hair if we hadn't done so the … Continue reading How The Offering Was Reinvested

5 Winning Songs For Your Playlist

My life changed the day I changed my thoughts. What are the thoughts you hold about yourself? Those thoughts may be the reason you feel like you're losing. Below are five winning songs for your everyday playlist. Cheers to Life - Voice  Toast by Koffee Alive and Well- Voice ft Bishop Anstey High School Choir … Continue reading 5 Winning Songs For Your Playlist

Lessons Beyond The Classroom

Who would have thought that Simone and I would hang out together? Well, that is exactly what we did. After an appointment, we went to a cosy Mexican spot for brunch. This is the first time we are sitting together to talk about things unrelated to English Literature. We do not discuss the complete works … Continue reading Lessons Beyond The Classroom