Life Is No Competition

My older brother Otis & I have always been very competitive with each other. No, let me correct that. I have always competed with my brother. With our two years age difference, it often seemed like my role was to be better than my brother. As the older sibling, his task was to set the … Continue reading Life Is No Competition

Lessons Beyond The Classroom

Who would have thought that Simone and I would hang out together? Well, that is exactly what we did. After an appointment, we went to a cosy Mexican spot for brunch. This is the first time we are sitting together to talk about things unrelated to English Literature. We do not discuss the complete works … Continue reading Lessons Beyond The Classroom

The Disguise That Didn’t Work On Limpy

If you live on the East Coast of Demerara, traverse frequently or commute using the route 44 minibuses then I am certain you know who Limpy is. You may have very well crossed paths with him as well because that's just how Limpy is. Over time, I assumed his name came about from the limp … Continue reading The Disguise That Didn’t Work On Limpy