Our office has recently relocated to its original location that was previously under renovations and parking is a complete frustration. Since we are in a commercial vicinity there is rarely any available parking during the regular hours of the day and there is a daily race to find the few available spots. He who gets it is considered victorious!!

Honestly, I don’t care to be a part, nor do I intend to frustrate myself by circling the block in hopes of finding an unguarded parking spot so I have decided to use public transportation to commute. When I told my siblings this they laughed hysterically at me with much pity and tried to convince me otherwise. They said I wouldn’t last and I should reconsider my plans.

Having not wavered to their appeal, I am happy to say that this is my second week of commuting using public transportation. I decided to share the highs and lows with my colleagues only to learn that I was having bus blues because I was doing it wrong!

Here are 5 tips they shared with me:

  1. Take the bus that’s second in line to leave (to get a good seat and be less cramped between others) but not if you’re in a hurry.
  2. Always opt for the front seat once it´s available since you only share that space with one other person.
  3. Always have the exact fare to avoid being overcharged
  4. Avoid taking old buses- fancier buses are less likely to attract people with poor hygiene because they’re stricter about who they allow boarding.
  5. Always take your earphones with you (most public minibuses have the absolute worst music choice).

What tips would you share?

2 thoughts on “‘G-dee’ Mini Bus Chronicle  

  1. when asked to shake down abit, so that they can overload the bus, just turn your head to the window and pretend that you didn’t hear or you just don’t understand.

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